Multiple Patterns on Output Expander

Am I able to assign different patterns to the diff outputs? Like I have a strip on output 0 and a matrix on output 1. Ideally I want to have audio response on the matrix and the strip do something else.

It’s not built-in (what you’re asking for sounds like the “Segments” feature in WLED), but it is possible…if you edit the pattern code and paste together the different effects you want.

Here are a few ways it’s been done before:


Or use multiple PBs - so many times i want to run different maps on the matrix vs strips so using more than 1 board in a ‘single display’ makes things so much easier on so many levels and keeps the 'custom ‘display specific’ code to a minimum. Two works very well for me. with or without firestorm. in practice i rarely really need to synchronize them at a pixel level, and just curate a couple of playlists that complement each other. To me saves a bunch of hackery time and leaves time to focus on the display which is the end goal.

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This is for a vehicle, so I felt using multiple would be annoying when I want to change patterns on the fly if I needed to connect to each one.