Multiple Patterns on Output Expander

Am I able to assign different patterns to the diff outputs? Like I have a strip on output 0 and a matrix on output 1. Ideally I want to have audio response on the matrix and the strip do something else.

It’s not built-in (what you’re asking for sounds like the “Segments” feature in WLED), but it is possible…if you edit the pattern code and paste together the different effects you want.

Here are a few ways it’s been done before:


Or use multiple PBs - so many times i want to run different maps on the matrix vs strips so using more than 1 board in a ‘single display’ makes things so much easier on so many levels and keeps the 'custom ‘display specific’ code to a minimum. Two works very well for me. with or without firestorm. in practice i rarely really need to synchronize them at a pixel level, and just curate a couple of playlists that complement each other. To me saves a bunch of hackery time and leaves time to focus on the display which is the end goal.

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This is for a vehicle, so I felt using multiple would be annoying when I want to change patterns on the fly if I needed to connect to each one.

HI djvj- Good point - great scenario - and suggestion for a feature perhaps.

Merge the discovery service enumeration with firestorm… put it all on an image that runs on a PB. then you can assign a PB to be a controller - either with its own host network and the other delegate PBs are configured top connect to this network — or have them all connected to some other local network as clients) - EITHER WAY. this controller - would be a single point to connect and control the other boards.

Or maybe there is an app that would work on a phone that could do it… i seem to recall maybe reading about one - or it was a dream…

interesting to try to make work , easier.

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I’m not sure if you are brainstorming ideas or suggesting what I should do lol. If the latter, that’s beyond my ability with these boards.

One thing that I see could be an issue is when you turn on your vehicle, if using multiple boards, They would all boot at the same exact time. So if there was a master/slave setup, the slaves would have to know to keep trying to connect until the master was up and ready.

A bit of a hack, but you could wire the button signals from 3 PBs together to a single button, then they would switch at the same time.

The Pixel Lights app was designed for houses, but will work with any network of Pixelblazes. It works like Firestorm, and activates all patterns with the same name. To have it run something different on each PB, you’d have to have different patterns on each but name them the same.

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