Music Sequencer - for V3 Only.epe

I’m having issues with this code actually working. I have the latest PixelBlaze but when I removed the 2 lines in the code as suggested, nothing happens except for an exclamation point (upper left) within a triangle stating: No valid render function found.
I would like to tweek said code to run on my custom display (a tube matrix, 12x22).
Can Jeff Vyduna (the codes author) or anyone else help me understand what’s going on and how to get a basic display running?
Thanks in advance,

LOL. This has potential to be my nightmare thread. :upside_down_face:

I mean, let’s get it out there up front: Some folks here who are really good at Pixelblaze code still found that pattern to be a nightmare. It’s a lot. A lot of code, a lot of concepts. I would recommend people try it in year 2 of their Pixelblaze journey and when they have many hours to kill.

Unless one of lines 98-100 were inadvertently deleted, you shouldn’t be seeing the missing renderer message:

export function render(index) { render3D(index, index / pixelCount, 0, 0) }
export function render2D(index, x, y) { render3D(index, x, y, 0) }
export function render3D(index, x, y, z) {

While I tried to make it degrade nicely for no sensor board attached, beware that if you do have a sensor board attached, the level thresholds are tuned for using the line-in input with audio content that includes bass beats. This is in the comments up top.

Also note that none of the included demo patterns are 2D (they’re all 1D).

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