New 2D Patterns: Spinwheel & Matrix Waterfall

I’ve uploaded a couple of new patterns to the library. These are the first products of playing around with how much work I can actually get done in render. (A lot! :slight_smile: ) They’re small, fast and resolution independent. Written for Pixelblaze 3, but will run on PB2 with minor changes.

Spinwheel2D (click for source)
  Spinwheel 2D
  Colorful, flowerlike radial spinner.
  Yet another example of the complex and unpredictible things
  that happen when you combine a few simple functions.

   7/09/21 JEM(zranger1)

var t1,t2;
var speed = 6;

export function beforeRender(delta) {
  t1 = time(.2) * (-PI * wave(time(0.1)));
  t2 = wave(time(.2)) * speed;

export function render2D(index,x,y) {

  var arX = (atan2(x,y)+t1*30);
  var arY = (hypot(x,y)+t2);
  var phi = floor(arY) / PI2;
  phi += (phi == 0) * 0.618;
  arX = frac(arX);
  arY = frac(arY);
  var h = (.1/(arX*arX+arY*arY) * .19) * phi; 
  hsv(t1+(x*y)+h, 1-h, h);
Matrix Green Waterfall 2D (click for source)
  Basic green "The Matrix"-style waterfall display adapted for 
  2D LED displays. 
  Not a perfect reproduction, but captures the feel pretty well,
  and the code is small and fast enough to be usable as a background
  or a texture in another pattern.
   7/15/21 JEM(zranger1)

var speed = 20;
var hue = 0.3333;

// You may want to adjust wavebase for seriously non-rectangular
// displays.  Half the number of x axis pixels is a good place
// to start.
var waveBase = (sqrt(pixelCount) / 2);

// uncomment mod() function for pixelblaze 2
//function mod(dividend, divisor) {
//  var r = dividend % divisor;
//  return (r > 0) != (divisor > 0) ? r + divisor : r;

export function sliderSpeed(v) {
  speed = floor(50 * v);

export function beforeRender(delta) {
  t1 = speed*(time(.25)+0.02);
  w = waveBase + (0.5*time(.3))

export function render2D(index,x,y) {
  var v = mod(y-t1,wave(x*w)); v = v * v;
  hsv(hue, 1-((v > 0.8)/12), v);

Videos below:


Whoa, spinwheel 2D is my new favorite pattern! Super happy to have a Matrix for the Matrix too!

Wow. The Matrix! And we control some aspects of this One! Nice.
Also a fan of Spinwheel. Amazing what can be done here!

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Spinwheel looks awesome but I get a no valid render function found on a pb3. Any ideas?

Do you have a 2d pixel map installed? That function only has a render2D implemented, so will only work if there is a pixelmap with 2 dimensions. If you have a matrix there are examples to help you get a map.

Oh man I had put in my map but it was still stuck on ring instead of matrix. Here it is.


@array, just out of curiousity, give this one a try and see how it looks!

Line Dance
// Twisting line effect - basic idea from a PC screensaver I saw
// long, long ago.  No idea where.
// Re-imagined to be uniquely Pixelblaze-y
// 08/03/2021 - ZRanger1

var timebase = 0;
var t1;
var zoom;
export var speed = 7;


export function sliderSpeed(v) {
  speed = 1+(9*v);

export function beforeRender(delta) {
  timebase = (timebase + delta/1000) % 1000;
  t1 = timebase * speed;
  zoom = wave(time(0.075));

export function render2D(index,x,y) {
  var h,b,radius,theta;  
  radius = 1.7-hypot(x,y)*2.4;
  theta = radius * radius * sin(radius + t1);
  x = (cos(theta) * x) - (sin(theta)* y);

  b = 1-wave(x*4.6*zoom);
  h = (x * zoom)+ zoom + theta/PI2;

It’s something I’m playing with this afternoon. Haven’t got it perfect yet, but it seems like it might go well with that display. :slight_smile:

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Looks cool to me!


Thanks for trying it out! This is turning into one of those “problem” patterns that needs a little more time to bake. It’s definitely colorful and interesting, but is also just a little on the visually disturbing side. I don’t want to make anybody fall over sideways…

For sure I wish we had a platform where people could just go plug in their patterns online and view it on someone else’s display.


Sounds like a job for Pixel Teleporter! :smiley:


This reminds me of


actually, that seems like a neat pattern itself… now I want to do that one…

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Maybe try slowing it down a bit?