NS108 driver update

I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of our NS108 strips. Thanks once again for your custom 3.24 build with the experimental driver! Seriously—outstanding and so much appreciated.

I wasn’t sure if this hack ever got spun into mainline builds. I tried upgrading to 3.30 and saw the frame rate improvements, but got no output. So I’m now back on my custom 3.24.

FWIW we do often get stuck on the cube animation in Mobile Safari. I don’t know if that’s precisely what you addressed in 3.25, but I look forward to updating whenever I can.

I know that the long-term goal is to support actual 16-bit color with these things. But might it make sense in the meantime to include the 8-bit uprendering driver in your next official build? I feel ungrateful for asking.

Maybe I should code this into an Output Expander instead? Hmm… options.

Ohh I just bought some 5050 HD108 and 2020 HD107S LEDs for some art projects. Didn’t think about if PB supported 16-bit color + 5 global brightness levels. I can try to add it in!