PB powered double sided Sign

Been working on a sign the past few days for an upcoming trade show. Very pleased with PB and the animations, can’t wait to do some more animations for this thing! 694 pixels in all.

Inside the sign



Now you just need the Pong Pattern, to make it serve the ball from the paddle, arc over to the grid, and then volley back and forth a few times in classic Pong.

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Thanks! Hadn’t thought of that one yet, I like it! Certainly well beyond my coding skills, that one only came into existence due too a whole lot of help from a wizard :slight_smile: But I’ll keep plugging away, its so great to be able to see live every change you make in the code.

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Do post the map for your sign and I’ll bet someone will see what they can do with it.

That would be amazing, would love to see what people come up with. Its getting packed up today to get shipped out tomorrow, so i won’t get to play with the actual sign again until June 28(at the show) but would still love any input. Will post any results here for sure.

Here is a spread sheet of the map and a drawing with my chicken scratch notes.

Whew, nontrivial to map, some pieces (the grid) are pretty easy, some we can guesstimate since the photo shows us it’s an outline, and some (the balls) are complex (I don’t understand how 8 pixels becomes 30, for example).

We can hopefully use the photo mapper to do most of this though.

@Tom ,
You have a pixelmap already, right? I wonder if we can throw this in @zranger1 's pixel teleporter.

@Scruffynerf , the 8 to 30 pixels is because I split the data, there are 8 pixels along one half of the ball, this then continues to the next ball. but at the start of the 8 it is split and there are 7 pixels that go along the other half of the ball, but because there are balls on both sides of the sign the data splits before the first ball and goes to both sides. hope that makes sense.

Here is the code that is on it

Full TapGlo Sign 2 (1).epe (7.5 KB)

Not really a map, I just used the standard 2d matrix and set it to 40 wide because thats whats in the main grid, so when a standard pattern is run the main grid looks good(but a little off center) and the rest of the pixels are just random. I didn’t mind that because it kept the ball somewhere else, where if they were maped to ther location the effect would be different.

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Ok, let me give it back

Going via clock directions, starting at 12, we actually have two clock faces, back to back… One clock gets 12,11,10, to 6 with 8 pixels, then 7 going from 1,2,3,4,5,6 are a data fork, mirroring the left side. Then the other clock face is 15 pixels data forked as well. So it’s just 8 half moon, but functions as 2 full circles.

Correct! but entry point (12) varies with each ball, comes in along the arc in the pic

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