Pixelblaze broke down, no connection, LEDs cycling

Hello, just started playing around with my new pixelblaze. Everything was working just fine, but all of a sudden, while trying to write my first patterns, i cant connect to it anymore with my browser. Tried removing power and restarting but still cant connect. Orange and blue led start flashing intermediate after about 2 sec. Tried using usb power with/without leds, transformer power with/without leds. I can see the device and ip in fing app but when i enter the ip in a browser i can’t connect anymore. Tried putting pixelblaze back in setup mode so i could try to set my wifi data again, but no unknown network shows up on my phone. Everything worked fine for about an hour. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Alias,
Do the status LEDs stay solid, or are they turning on and off in a cycle?

For setup mode, power Pixelblaze then hold the button for 5s, then release. The status LEDs should blink. In newer versions the orange LED flashes 3 times then go dark when in setup mode.

Hello, the leds go on and off in a cycle

Blue on/blue off/orange on/orange off.

When i plug in usb orange and blue flash once, then the blue led will turn on for about 3 sec. After this the cycle begins (blue/orange). Same happens when i plug in usb and press button for 5 sec. I can’t find a unknown wifi network either after powering and holding button for 5 sec.

The status led doesn’t flash 3x after releasing the button, both leds keep cycling.

Its a pixelblaze v2.7

How long is the interval? Do the connected LEDs do anything?

Can you try a USB from a computer, without connected LEDs? Sometimes USB battery packs will turn on and off in a cycle if there isn’t enough power draw, and on the flip side, many power sources will turn off if there is too much power draw.

Another thing to try is taking Pixelblaze out of WiFi range, or unplug your WiFi router for a bit, assuming no one else in the house will object :slight_smile: If for some reason it is resetting while connecting, like a corrupted WiFi configuration, that might let you recover it. If it stops cycling, after a few minutes it will go back into setup mode. From there, you can set it up in AP mode. If that works, you can try to reconnect to your local WiFi again.

If all else fails, I can get you a replacement, but there’s still a few things we can try.

One cycle off the leds is about 1sec. Both leds are off for about 0,5sec. Lets say blue is on for 0,3 sec and orange for 0,2 sec. It does seem that after a while the blue led stays on for longer on some cycles.

Allready tried feeding it from pc usb port and with wall adapter with and without leds but allways the same result.

I will try turning wifi off on the router.

Ok, so i rebooted my router. Instantly the blue led turns on solid. I can hold the button for 5sec and see the unknown wifi network (statusled didn’t flash 3x though). After inputting my wifi credentials i run into the same problem :pensive:

As soon as pixelblaze tries to connect to my wifi network the leds start cycling again and no webpage.

Strange, everything was working perfectly and all of a sudden, without touching anything the connection went dead. Anything else i can try.

I rather try to fix this one because if you ship me a replacement it will cost me a lot in taxes. Allready paid 40$+ when this one was delivered.

Can you run it in AP mode? Does that work?

Just tried it in AP mode. Same thing happened. After putting in credentials and connecting to wifi network the pixelblaze keeps resetting. Can’t get stable connection (if any).

Thanks for the help by the way.

Does Pixelblaze stay stable before connecting to it’s network?

Nope, in AP mode, as soon as i apply power de leds start cycling (esp is resetting). Even when not connected to esp wifi.

I sent you an email to follow up further.

I am in trouble because of the same phenomenon. Is there a solution?

Hi @kuu_neru
Did you run through the troubleshooing steps above? What were the results? What are you seeing? Please be as detailed as possible so we can help!

I tried all of the above. As soon as the power is turned on, blue and orange flash alternately. There is no change even if you press and hold the button.

Send us an email with your info (name, address, order number, that sort of thing) and we’ll get you a replacement.


Hello. I sent an email. Thank you.

Same issue here only thing different is i tried to update mine then it wont connect anymore on the site.