Pixelblaze MQTT bridge for Home Assistant and more

Thanks to davyhollevoet, there’s a Pixelblaze MQTT bridge! Check out out:

From the repo:

Small service that connects a pixelblaze to MQTT.

Mainly written to work well with a Home Assistant MQTT Light (default schema), but other MQTT-speaking things also work obviously.


Sorry for being such a newb, is there another walkthrough for this with homeassistant?

Very nice!
I currently use OpenHAB with a websocket connection to the PB. It’s working, but has a few drawbacks. I also have a separate MQTT broker running so this solution is attractive. A few questions.

  1. How do I install the MQTT features on the PB? It doesn’t say in the repo.
  2. Is this a Websocket wrapper, so I could just stick with my websocket solution?
    The websocket implementation in PB doesn’t support brightness feedback. I can set brightness through Websocket, but if it’s changed from somewhere else (e.g the web interface), I can’t see this change unless I initiate a status request (and I don’t want to do that all the time).

This connects to Pixelblaze using the websocket, and to another MQTT service to act as a bridge. If you have stuff working with websockets already I think that will give you more control.

@Zugarelli, here’s how I handled the polling issue in the Hubitat integration driver:

  • The driver connects via websocket only when a command has been issued. In practice the time it takes to connect is not significant.
  • While connected, it polls hardware status every few seconds, so the user or program issuing commands has accurate feedback.
  • It stays connected for two minutes (user configurable) after the last command, after which it disconnects and goes back to sleep.
  • Left idle, the driver will wake every half hour to update hardware status and the program list, in case someone has changed them via the web UI.

In case you do not want to work with an MQTT bridge, I’ve set up a Home Assistant Custom integration that may be easier to work with.