Sequencer Page issues

When I download interesting PB code and try it out in an edit page I sometimes rename it then save it using the SAVE button on the right side of the page. Several questions on this: Where does it save? Yes, I’ve seen it when I get back onto the Sequencer Page and the I get to upload it to my PB. Upon return after I’ve shut everything off then restarted again, the pattern I saved is nowhere to be found and the code saved to my Playlist is now titled UNKNOWN and, of course, doesn’t work. So when wanting to save a pattern file how do I correctly SAVE it? And how do I get confirmation that is was SAVED?

Hey there - I forget if we got you up and running with recording screencasts and hosting them for free on YouTube?

The only quirks I can think of that are similar are if you lose a good wifi connection right before you click save. But it doesn’t result in “UNKNOWN” - I’ve never seen that.

I’ve had this happen twice now, after spending time editing a pattern it’s really frustrating. So now I edit, save new, go to the patterns, see if it’s there etc. I even had the PB running my edited code but no way to retrieve it because it never saved properly despite my clicking save a million times and the code was being updated on the PB. Came back later, not in the pattern list, not still in the edit tab. Ugh.

Also when opening the UI it often gets stuck at “loading” cube graphic despite the PB working properly and the discover service working well. I have to reset it sometimes multiple times to get past that screen.

Thank you for the info.

I have a few ideas of what might cause this, and have in mind a fix that would verify writes with a confirmation so the UI knows if/when it’s written, or if it was not successfully saved.

Cheers, let me know if you need anything from my side. Thanks!

Yes - this I’ve totally experienced; have you ever had it create a pattern called “UNKNOWN”?

Also have a look at this related topic:

The UNKNOWN in a playlist happens when a playlist points to a pattern that doesn’t exist anymore for any number of reasons. It can happen if you simply delete a pattern that is in the playlist, the playlist will still show the name until you reload the page, and once reloaded it won’t know the name and will show UNKNOWN. It’s a quirk/bug of the playlist feature that I haven’t made it smart enough to notice that you intentionally deleted a pattern that was in the playlist, and remove the playlist item as well.

I think it could happen if the UI thought a pattern was saved but it was not, and then was added to a playlist, but after a page reload the playlist won’t be able to load information about that pattern.

When you add a pattern I don’t do a full refresh of the pattern list, instead the info the UI already has is inserted to the pattern cache and list. If something goes seriously wrong with the save operation, the UI and flash storage state could be out of sync.

No it doesn’t say unknown in the list, the thread you linked to more accurately describes what I encountered!

I was having this again last night and I left the computer while it was “loading” and came back many minutes later, it had loaded! Good to know if I’m too lazy to go reset the thing I can wait it out I suppose.

I think what is happening is that the websocket server’s connection pool has become exhausted with half-closed connections (closed from your browser, still open to the websocket server). The websocket server is limtied to 5 simultaneous websocket connections. It takes some time for the TCP stack to time these out and free up a resource. I’ll need to get a reliable way to reproduce it and deep dive on that one specifically at some point.

If you can get it to reliably happen, let me know what sequence of events make it happen!

I’ve been enhancing the loading screen so you get a little more detail than just “Loading” - it will let you know when it’s connecting, reconnecting (if it times out), and once connected that it’s loading the config.

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Makes sense, I use two computers to edit I have a laptop by the PB but I also open on my desktop in the other room and being constantly pulled away with the kids etc the connection is open until the computer goes to sleep.