Support for GW6205B protocol?

I have some pixels already installed that use a different controller that i would like to convert to PB.

It is my understanding that the GW6205B protocol uses 12bits instead of 8. So when i try to control them using PB they light up, but the colors are all wrong (i tried all available protocols listed in settings).

Does anyone know of a work around, or would it be possible to add GW6205B protocol to the supported list?

I can take a look at it. I’ve tested some other 12 bit LEDs. First I’ve heard of that particular chipset though.

It wouldn’t be super easy, but if you want to the expander is open source and could be reprogrammed to support them.

I would greatly appreciate it. The gw6205b doesnt seem to be super common.

What were your findings on the other 12bit LEDs you tested? Were they compatible with any of the LED types that are selectable in the settings menu of PB?

I will look into the expander, and i will try to get access to the 12bit controller’s output code to figure out how to make it work. And pointers on where to start in the expander code? I have a job to go do today, but i will dive into this as soon as i get home.

Thank you for your feedback and guidance.

Check out this post for details on getting started coding for the expander:

You could pretend to take ws2812 data and just send out zeroes for the extra lower bits. If you wanted hdr you could take the apa102 protocol and multiply the 8 bit element by 5 bit global brightness then shift down a bit to get 12 bits of color info.

Thank you. I will research that more and give it a go. I’ll admit that im in over my head, but thats nothing that persistent research and learning cant fix!