V2 strip setup white channel

Hello there,

I bought the V2 of pixelblaze about 3 years ago. My led strip broke (corrosion…) and so I didn’t use it for a long time.
Now I’ve got new stripes SK6812. It’s working so far but I can’t select GRBW mode. No ‘W’ mode at all.
Can the V2 handle white channel or is it up to v3?
If so, is there a way to buy the new version of pixelblaze somewhere in Europe to skip customs (they take ages sometimes)

Greetings from Germany

If you don’t see an RGBW mode, you may need an update. Support may have been added after yours was purchased. Do you know what version it’s running?

Here’s an article on updating to the latest version:

That worked fine thank you!

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