Wiring pixieblaze to xxx812 8x8 matrix

Hi, I am a new pixieblaze user, and have so far wired up one light strip , it is a WS2812b with success once I swapped the ground and data wires around.

Now I would like to wire up an 8 x 8 matrix that I bought from electromages store on tindie….

I very limited knowledge of how the pixel blaze works but think I need a ElectroMage Serial to 8x WS2812/APA102 Driver, which I just ordered from electromage…. do I needs this? I am assuming that I do. Can I do it without the serial to 8 board?

Also could someone show me how to wire it up ( in agonizing detail) so it will work when my driver board comes in.

Thanks for the help

Try here:

The matrix in the example is a SK9822 which needs both clock (CLK) and data (DAT) signals; for WS2812B/sk6812 you don’t need to run a “CLK” wire.

And no, you don’t need the 8x Expander to hook up a single matrix.

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Success, thank you.

I’m wanting to make jellyfish like patterns with the 8x8 matrix, can anyone point my in the right direction for that?


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