Current thinking on the best way to programatically identify x/y coords of LEDs

howdy, y’all!

After discovering pixelblaze, I discarded my homemade esp32thing based LED Controller. Seriously well done!

We create Lichtenberg woodburnt art pieces with LEDs shining through beneath the patterning.

Currently looking for existing work, or thoughts around combining something (not unlike a pi+cam) to interface with pixelblaze and essentially step through all LEDs with a process similar to:

  • tell pb 'illuminate LED N
  • snap a picture,
  • assess xy loc of LED via (some automation/interaction with the controller here)
  • step to next LED,

I could do something along these lines myself, but would rather align with the community’s existing patterns/direction so as to help the community at large, and use/exercise existing/established patterns where they exist y’know?



Ben’s 2D photo map tagger is a manual process that only needs one photo taken.

For a process like you list, one pixel at time, more automated approach, I’m working on that now, and didn’t post my first results, solely due to the results weren’t good (reflections from glass mostly the cause) and I haven’t had time to do it again yet. It worked, though, with 2 videos taken on my phone, using a phone browser. Adjusting the original code to fit the expected PB style of map would help, as I had to munge the results into PB format. Relatively easy, and I’ll do that shortly.