External Antenna

I just received my PixelBlaze and I am beyond stoked to implement this in my next project. I’m thinking of making an infinity mirror with an isometric grid inside of a frame and I would like to use an aluminum enclosure to match my surround sound enclosure. I know this could potentially block the WiFi, is there anyway I could attach an external antenna? I’ve seen a few tutorials that say to solder directly to the antenna on the pcb and I just want to make sure there isn’t an easier way to do so and also make sure I don’t destroy this :sweat_smile:

Hi @spacecavecreations,
This isn’t something I have specific advice for. RF and antennas are a bit outside of my wheelhouse. Any advice for generic ESP8266 hacking on the ESP-12 modules might apply.

If you do try it, or find anything, let us know here! Best of luck!

Well I decided to just go with an ABS enclosure just to play it safe.

On another note, I seem to have misplaced the print out that was included with my 8-64 channel output board. Is there anyway I could get another copy?

Hey! Ben will probably reply with the official PDF, but I had a few things handy so I scanned them.

I didn’t have a printout for the current one that also supports APA102, but the online reference for it might be of some help. That version’s recognizable because the chip is in a 45 degree / diamond orientation relative to the board).

Here’s a scan of the print out (1.1 MB PDF) of the previous version “Serial to 8 Channel WS2812 Driver”

And here’s a scan (1.2 MB PDF) of the one that comes with the new Pro version.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!!

@spacecavecreations, @jeff,
Well that was silly of me, why didn’t I put that some place folks could find it? :laughing:

In case anyone else comes here looking for this, it’s now posted here:

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