Scruffy's ever growing Todo list

I decided I wanted to do more PB today, and realized how long my “I wanna” list is…
So I decided to watch a video on YT and, of course, added one more to my to-do list.

Daniel Shiffman, of Nature of Code book and the awesome Coding Train videos, is responsible for a good handful of patterns I’ve played with… In this case, he built a flow field on top of noise, and so added to my list. [This got done today]

Also on the list, currently…

Water/fluid cellular automata
More SDF conversions including a neat alchemy set
Some Halloween patterns
Finish the Tetris
Finish the Cloud build
Finish the Dreamcatcher build
More sound patterns
More polar stuff
I have a pile of hex led grids to play with
Get my 3d printer working again…
Infinity cubes/mirrors/etc
Some lamps

And I can probably come up with more…

And this is just one of my hobbies.

As I complete things, and add things, I’ll add to this list and hopefully link to items/code/videos as I do.

I’ve got the Pacman grid up and running now (after running out of array space storing the RGB color of each pixel, I switched to storing a single index into a palette for each), but then ran out of array space again when trying to add an adjacency matrix for the traversable routes. When I next get some free time I’ll take a third crack at it, this time storing the grid as tiles.

And yes, I really wish PBscript had array initializers (ary = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];).

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what are hex led grids?

I’d linked to it here: Nifty LED products

More expensive now then when I posted them earlier, thanks to global costs rising.

Small but nice quality, about the size of a half dollar or so, much bigger than a quarter.


I suddenly want these. I have no earthly idea what I would do with them, but I absolutely wish I did haha

They are really nicely sized, and I imagine a bunch of uses for them… I suspect you’ll find even more.

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