Music Sequencer / Choreography

What is it?

The “Music Sequencer” pattern is a framework to help you synchronize your patterns with music. There are separate versions for Pixelblaze v2 and v3.



  • Pattern queue
  • Timing helpers: Understands phrases, measures, and note durations
  • Debounced beat detection
  • Beat, claps, and highhat callbacks / triggers
  • Tempo estimation + confidence flag
  • Note detection

New sound-reactive patterns

It also has a bunch of new 1D sound-reactive patterns. Here are some of my favorites:

Cautionary note

I’ve been working on this for about 8 months. The version with demo code is 1300 LOC - please save often on your Pixelblaze (using ‘clone’ for version control), and also in a separate text document. This large of a pattern is more likely to occasionally save corrupted.

It’s up in the pattern library.


For V3 only perhaps…

Debugging loading this on my v2, and it’s crashing the controller badly. Could be my controller starting to fail, but… happened on loading this.

Sorry about that. I’ll be working on a stripped down version that’s v2 safe soon. I think it has to do with memory for globals or mishandling a missing sensor board.

it’s not the sensor board, crashing with or without. Your demo is amazing, BTW.

This is mind blowing! Very cool effects, and I can’t wait to dive in to your effects engine a bit more! Beat detection, triggers, tempo, and notes? :star_struck:

White space to preserve the mood just a moment..

BTW I’ve taken the pattern off the pattern site temporarily just in case it can brick a V2, until we know more and have a fix or workaround. 1300 lines is likely quite a lot for V2.


OK, I found the issue and have created a workaround. It has to do the the limit for the number of globals or functions (which is 128 in a v2 and 256 on a v3).

I’ve reposted 2 versions - one for v2, and one for v3. They include an invalid line in the .epe that will prevent parsing unsafe code on a v2.