3d printable case for Pixelblaze v3?

3d printable case posted for Pixelblaze v3?

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I’ll share my sliding lid case for my PixelBlaze v3. It’s still a work in progress but so far it fits and seems to serve the purpose of being a box.


Thank you for the case and quick response.

Hi Steven -

I also wanted to point out that the v3 (but not pico) is the same footprint as the V2+, so some of these 3D printable projects should also work with v3:

Mount: 3D printed mount ($2 on Tindie)

Enclosure: prusaprinters.org/prints/7322-pixelblaze-caseenclosure

And in case someone’s looking for a basic enclosure (not 3D printable), I recently fit a v3, sensor expansion, and buck converter in this 4" x 2.7" x 2" enclosure on Amazon.

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I’m still trying to figure out how much my case blocks wifi signal. My PB seems to drop off wifi quite a bit while using a box. If random people on the internet are to be trusted, it could also be related to the pigment in black PLA plastic. Maybe I’ll try printing in a different color to see if that makes any difference.

Since that looks like your custom design, if you reduce the width and let the thin antenna part of the ESP32 go outside the box, or even have it just open there (if you don’t want it sticking out), I wonder if that will help reception.

Yeah, I was thinking something similar to an opening for the antenna. I’ll do some further troubleshooting this week sometime and see if I can pinpoint my signal problems. I’m only about 10’ and two closet walls from my router so wifi should be pretty strong.

How old is your house? I have an 1889 Victorian with horsehair plaster & lathe walls. This place is a death trap for radio waves. My home office is on the third floor, and until I recently set up a mesh network with one of the 3 nodes in the same room, getting a wifi signal was a real challenge.

Signal is solid. I have about -30dB and not too much clutter from my neighbors wifi. I’ve actually been running my PB with the case on for a few hours now with no issue so I’m hoping it was just something in my system being stupid.

Just an update to this. The box had nothing to do with my signal problems. Not sure what it was. Swamp gas, weather balloons? Mercury might have been retrograde or most likely, government conspiracy. Either way, everything is working just fine with or without the box. Carry on.


For people that find this thread in the future, please see:

By the time you read this, we might be selling them in the Electromage shop by now!


Also see this thin and tiny one that can house a v3 by @GeekMomProjects: