Quest: write a project tutorial, reward: Pixelblaze hardware!

The wizard tower seeks Pixelblaze project tutorials!

As a reward for any tutorial meeting the requirements, the author will get a Pixelblaze Pico!

On top of that, at the end of the quest period, entries will be judged by a panel of judges and a winner among winners will be selected for the prized, prestigious, perfect pixely Pixelblaze Cube (seen here, or here, or here)!

The nature of the project itself is open, no project will be turned down as long as it’s powered by Pixelblaze. Projects old and new are welcome alike.

Quest to remain open until September 15th.

Quest Requirements

To qualify, project tutorials should be well-written and easy to follow and should include:

  • Written in markdown or plain text
  • A materials list
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • At least 3 photos showing construction and assembled project
  • A description of the finished project
  • A video at least 15 seconds long showing the finished project lit up
  • Bonus points for photos or video that show each step
  • Contestants can submit their tutorials via email, as a forum post, or as a pull-request to a GitHub repo

Details & Fine Print

  • All tutorials will be judged on clarity, and overall quality of the tutorial
  • Every person that submits at least one qualifying tutorial will get a Pixelblaze Pico (limited to the first 100 questers) and can participate in the grand prize contest. Free shipping in the USA, standard shipping rates apply for international shipments.
  • Multiple tutorials may be submitted to compete for the grand prize, but only one free Pixelblaze per person.
  • One grand prize winner will receive the prized, prestigious, perfect pixely Pixelblaze Cube!
  • The quest will stay open until September 15th, 2022, after which the contest entries will be judged and a winner announced shortly thereafter
  • You agree to allow these tutorials to be shared with the Pixelblaze community

Of course the clause mentioning well-written will have an error: To qualify,


:rofl: spectacular catch there!

I’ve finally tore myself away from my mad science long enough to write a tutorial that hopefully fulfills the requirements of this quest!

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